Professor Elemental – School Of Whimsy

Review by Liam Taylor. This month sees the release of School Of Whimsy from Chap-Hop MC extrordinaire, Professor Elemental. Along with guests, frequent collaborators and Mighty Boosh-esque comedy skits, the Professor guides new students through the finer points of being whimsical. In the… Continue Reading

The Menagerie – Odd Beast

Review by Liam Taylor. Quintessentially British rap super-group, The Menagerie, have returned with a new album on Tea Sea Records. Crickey. Their 4th album, Odd Beast, contains witty lyrics, dizzying turntable, and odd beats, (oddness is to be embraced, as we’ll learn… Continue Reading

The Conversation Hat Podcast – Se2 Ep3, MCiPod

Today our guest is Ian Perry, also known as Cambridge’s foremost nerdy white-boy rapper and founder of Aaahh!! Real Records, MCiPod: This episode features Mumble Mia, a re-worked version of a classic song by Liam. ==================================== Patreon Our plan… Continue Reading