Stuart “Ashens” Ashen is, amongst many things, a well-known YouTuber who’s channel is dedicated to reviewing oddities, games and gadgets – usually knock-offs of successful products and brands. He also co-hosts the Barshens YouTube channel and podcast with Barry Lewis of… Continue Reading

Two Point Hospital [Announcement & Trailer]

Today SEGA Europe Ltd revealed Two Point Hospital, spiritual successor to 1997’s Theme Hospital – a much-loved Bullfrog classic. Developed by Two Point Studios, the new hospital management simulator is due for release in late 2018, and promises stay true… Continue Reading

The Conversation Hat Podcast – Se2 Ep2, Gaming Special!

For our gaming special on The Conversation Hat we are joined by freelance gaming journalist, Holly Robinson. Yey! This episode features The Gang Secretary sketch, written by Ben, Liam and featuring Roman, and the track This Town Is Too Big. ====================================… Continue Reading