Novation Circuit & Guitar Improv

So, been an interesting week. I spent most of it working out how I felt about the alterations to the YouTube Partner Program. Not that I’m raking it in with Adsense or anything, but I was able to subsidise spending on camera gear. Also, YouTube are famously shady about their reasoning when making decisions and … Continue reading Novation Circuit & Guitar Improv Continue Reading

Stabbed Panda Presents: Tape Runs Out

Se2, Ep4 Liam and Si talk with Liam and Ellie of Tape Runs Out, Cambridge indie-shoegaze-electro-folk outfit. Stabbed Panda Presents: Tape Runs Out by Stabbed Panda Presents… on Mixcloud LINKS! Tape Runs Out on Facebook Stabbed Panda Presents is sponsored… Continue Reading