Podcast Music

Hopefully you’re here because you’re a patron of our show, and are allowed to be downloading these tracks. If not: boo, hiss, etc.

If for any reason these tracks don’t appear below, you can head over to the private SoundCloud playlist over here.

Legal Stuff:

Although we’re allowing you to download these pieces, we retain exclusive copyright ownership. Please feel free to use as your ringtone, play these at a rave or discoteque, or use in a prank of some kind.
However, commercial enterprise is expressly forbidden. If you’d like to collaborate on a project do get in touch.



Main Theme

The Trouble With Knaves

Would You Like A Lemon?

Ben’s Dad Theme

Happy Little Squid


It’s A Jingle


A Bird In The Hand

This Looks Like A Toe

Where Do All The Bad Colours Go?