Stabbed Panda Stabbed Panda Presents 2nd Series Finale

Stabbed Panda Stabbed Panda Presents 2nd Series Finale

So there we have it, a fine end to our 2nd series!

Stabbed Panda Presents: Season 2 Finale by Stabbed Panda Presents… on Mixcloud

We’d like to thank all the bands who took part. In no particular order, the following bands are amazing and deserve your undying attention: Biscuits For Bears, Alone With Wolves, Michael Robshaw, The Projectionist, Too Cool Kid, Felix Martin, The British IBM, The Librarians, Tape Runs Out, The Infernal Sea, PSOTY, Trampled, Disinterred, The Prisoner Of Mars, The Centimes, and Razoreater.

Additionally, thanks to Fratricidal Promotions, Camblast Promotions, and UK Tech-Fest for making some of the bigger projects happen.

Stabbed Panda Presents is sponsored by Audible audio books. Click the link below to get your free trial of Audible – it’s free, yeah?

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