Flying Vinyl Subscription Review

This is an intriguing music subscription service, which will deliver a handful of specially pressed vinyl to your doorstep every month for £20.
Check them out over here: Flying Vinyl


Review from Joey Stoate

Whilst I’m a big supporter of the idea of the service Flying Vinyl are looking to provide, the tracks found here lack much in the way of variation. Whilst this certainly doesn’t condemn the collection, fans of other genres will unfortunately left out in the cold as the companies’ focus on fairly bog-standard electro-Indie seems to prevail throughout the ten songs offered.

However, as I mentioned, that’s not to say that some of the material here isn’t of high quality. Tracks such as The BelligerentsVoices & to a lesser extent, both offerings from Asylums provide some of the variation the collection so achingly desires, and the package’s physical representation is a true novelty itself. Otherwise, many tracks here will leave the listener with a fairly strong sense of deja-vu, as they’re treated to a relatively monotonous selection of tracks not quite suitable for the Drive soundtrack.

Sadly, given the steep asking price, this collection is out of the range of those looking to discover new music on a budget, and many will soon cease their subscription should the offerings continue to remain so one-note. An idea, perhaps, could be to curate specific boxes each month with themes much like those employed by other monthly box companies like Super Loot and the Z Box. But for those with a very strong love of Indie and a couple of quid to burn, you can’t go wrong here.



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