The Conversation Hat Podcast – Se2 Ep3, MCiPod

Today our guest is Ian Perry, also known as Cambridge’s foremost nerdy white-boy rapper and founder of Aaahh!! Real Records, MCiPod: This episode features Mumble Mia, a re-worked version of a classic song by Liam. ==================================== Patreon Our plan… Continue Reading

The Conversation Hat Podcast – Se2 Ep2, Gaming Special!

For our gaming special on The Conversation Hat we are joined by freelance gaming journalist, Holly Robinson. Yey! This episode features The Gang Secretary sketch, written by Ben, Liam and featuring Roman, and the track This Town Is Too Big. ====================================… Continue Reading

The Conversation Hat Podcast – Se2 Ep1, Professor Elemental

Today we’re joined by Steampunk MC and all-round smashing chap, Professor Elemental. The following info is taken from, where you can find out more about the Professor’s music, tours and other creative outlets: Welcome to the world of Professor Elemental. Sit… Continue Reading