Since 2009 Stabbed Panda has worked in various areas of the Cambridgeshire music scene, from producing and promoting E.P.s with local artists, to managing live music events and blogging about the scene.
Currently we publish interviews with local artists, create band management tutorials, sketch comedy, and force our musical machinations upon the unwilling populace.



Liam TaylorLiam

Liam produces, co-writes and co-presents the Pro Tips For Independent Bands, Stabbed Panda Presents, and Music History series, and co-stars in the Stabbed Panda TV comedy sketches.
In his own time, Liam produces music for multi-media, including short films, YouTube intros, radio jingles, as well as the majority of music for Stabbed Panda projects. Additionally, he creates cinematic-EDM-rock as Blue Alatar. Hobbies include long walks on the beach and being a terrible PC gamer.

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Si Pettit Si

Si joined Stabbed Panda in 2012 when Stabbed Panda shifted it’s focus from event management to journalism and multi-media production. Si co-presents and co-writes Pro Tips For Independent bands, Stabbed Panda Presents, co-stars in Stabbed Panda TV’s comedy shorts, and will make the occasional appearance in Music History. He is also responsible for the majority of all IT-related happenings within Stabbed Panda (and is also the reason the website doesn’t work properly).
Si creates and self-releases ambient electronic music under the pseudonym MangoFlush, and also plays bass in Subterranean Popular. His releases fuse elements of ambient electro with contemporary experimental sounds. He cites Commander William T. Riker as the inspiration behind his facial hair.

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Ben PiersonBen's Website Profile Pic

Pfft, this guy… Ben is a budding actor and comedian who joined us in 2015 to work on comedy sketches, (first appearing in Life), and in 2016 began co-hosting The Conversation Hat Podcast with Liam.

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Laura Elmer

Primary editor of The Conversation Hat Podcast, Pro Tips, occasionally of LTGuitar, and writer of our newsletters. Additionally, Laura researches most episodes of our Music History series from mid-2015, along with many of Pro Tips from se2.

Misc. Contributors


Joey Stoate

Joey is one of the most talented writers, and most fair reviewers we’ve had the pleasure to work with. In addition to writing about underground and independent bands on our behalf, Joey also runs his own blog, Autograph Virus, which you very much need to check out.

Jamie Davidson

Jamie is an avid programmer and games designer, who has also lent his voice to the Music History series, (his début was Se1 Ep7), and was involved with comedy projects including The Conversation Hat sketches, between 2015 and 2016.



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